01×11 – Imprisonment

So this was the first episode we recorded with two mics. That sounds just so much better. You will hear. And this was also the first time that we used Hindenburg mobile a brilliant iphone recording Application for the iPhone with a more then flawed data transfer concept. Which is the reason that it took me so long to get this episode out.
Normally you would switch on the mac/windows companion App and you can transfer the file via wifi or retrieve it from the iPhone archive. And I am certain this is not a problem when you have a 10 min snippet but with a 2h show this is impossible. Either the app on the mac loses its connection(wifi) or the app just can’t retrieve the big file from the archive. Well what now. You write a complained and hope for the best. Three updates later they still haven’t had the motivation to implement the itunes-file-transfer-API provided by Apple since iOS 4.
Well so your only option is to get yourself a mini-jack analog audio cable an record it manually. All your chaper marks? Gone! And that for twenty quid.
Thank you Nsaka

And here is what we talked about
We started with a finnish microbrew Amber ale, that I am not able to pronounce.
The we talked about the “who brews the strongest beer?” and racism.
The BP disaster, the us president and the internet.
More beer.
Management by Sauron.
The chicken and the pig.
3D porn is impregnating, rednecks at least.
And german merry their pets.
The downfall meme remade.
Comic book movies.
Dr. Who

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And here episode number 10, or what is left of it . Six minutes WTF. This is a shame because I think it was one of our better episodes.
Anyway, let me explain what the problem was.
Übercaster like any other mac application get its audio data through the core audio API and the problem with this is that if the input buffer for the signal is to big you get some significant latency. That is the time it takes from for the sound getting in the mic to getting out of your headphones. And if this is to long, you start to way for yourself to finish the words you are saying and you slow down. It is worse than it sounds (no pun intended).
But the buffer was set to a certain length for a reason. The recording broke up every 3 min and übercaster kill every snippet after the 1st. Well that is life.
Lesson learned: Get a back up recorder!

Spoiler: I bought one for NDR01X15 and I love it.

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01×09 – Tired

Yes, yes I know we were a little bit reluctant with our release schedule the last couple of month. Or shall I say I was. Well, I was but do not be fouled we were recording, mostly. We were caught up in some major tech foobar and it took me a while to sort it out.
But now I have done it. I retrieved the most of the lost files and will release them as fast as I can. I also upgraded the tech along the way, which partially caused the problem but podcasting is a technology like every outer medium and you will make mistakes and learn. I will share some of the insides I gained during the process. And add a comment or two with each episode.
So the problems with this one were first one mic is not enough and when you use übercaster like we did here running levelator is helpful but a pain because you fist have to export the cast as .wav or .aiff, then levelated it, import it back into übercaster, add the music and then export it. If you levelated it first your music will clip and everything is just wrong. And you lose all your meta data when you run levelator.
Problem number two, being cheap with the webspace. Well, I was simply running out of webspace and so I could not upload the file. Remember audio files are not as tiny as you think.
Anyway I hope it is listenable.
Have fun

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01×08- Mystery Science Theater – The big Lebowski

This is the nerddorf crew comment for “The Big Lebowski”. To avoid any copyright issues you will have to provide the movie yourself. The file contains our voices only. We hope you’ll still try it and have some fun with us. The chaptermark will bring you directly to the start of the movie.

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Beer, Sauna and Nudity

Beer, Sauna and NudityIn this episode you will experience what a scottish ale with 41% does to the perfectly capable cast of a perfectly good podcast. I becomes a mess, but it could be the most entertaining one we made yet. We are talking about
- Rob
- HW beer fest
- Wikileaks
- Finnish mail
- Robots
- World Peace
- Karl plan for world peace (zerglings)
- Spoilers for Starcraft and Watchmen
- Sink the Bismarck
- Movie Remakes
- Karate Kid
- Back to the future
- He-Man
- GI Joe
- Transformers 3
- 80s Toys
- C.O.P.S
- Action Force
- Toy Catalogs
- GI Joe Toys
- Masters of the Universe
- Hippy toys
- Mummins
- Kids programs
- Nudity
- Tutti Frutti
- Private Television in the 90s
- Skinemax
- Boobs on Artè
- Porn cinema
- Nudity and subtitles
- Greece
- Breton beds
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The long Tail

Another week another Nerddorf podcast. This week finds us, your favourite podcasters, in exceptionally good moods and fine form.  We’re still delivering what Jens defines as above average quality material and still looking for fan comments. So if you’re out there and enjoy our expat ramblings, leave us a comment.
(Yes, we broke the C-word barrier – no, we don’t care.)
Home Coming
“Human Rights Day” in SA, commemorating the Sharpville (and other) shootings in 1960.
One I came across a few weeks ago but forgot to mention: a different tourist experience in Soweto, using a decommissioned power station as an extreme-sports playground: www.orlandotowers.co.za
Predators – Not directed by Rodriguez as i said last week, only produced by him. Stars Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Laurence Fishburne and Danny Trejo.
German 13th St – Interactive horror film
The hero of my childhood on the the big screen , Christian Alvart
The big pink dick (David Livingston)
Nissan to build the Leaf electric car in the UK – but will this country provide the recharging infrastructure..?
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A Woman’s Touch

We’ve realised that our podcast is a little heavy on the testosterone so we searched high and low for an ex-pat female. All our criteria were met in the addition of Iida, a Finn who has lived in Edinburgh for three years. And by criteria, we were basically looking for breasts and cute socks. So look forward to an interesting slant on all things nerdy and, unfortunately, a little racist tonight.

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The Lost Levels

Well, What shall I say. I was busy. Work is keeping my life in very confined boundaries. But here it is the third episode of our quest for wisdom.

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Team America

Today we have support on the show. Dane will give us some more first hand knowledge from oversees.

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Erotik Beer

Erotik BeerSo, I finally was able to edit the second episode of Nerddorf Radio.

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