01×09 – Tired

Yes, yes I know we were a little bit reluctant with our release schedule the last couple of month. Or shall I say I was. Well, I was but do not be fouled we were recording, mostly. We were caught up in some major tech foobar and it took me a while to sort it out.
But now I have done it. I retrieved the most of the lost files and will release them as fast as I can. I also upgraded the tech along the way, which partially caused the problem but podcasting is a technology like every outer medium and you will make mistakes and learn. I will share some of the insides I gained during the process. And add a comment or two with each episode.
So the problems with this one were first one mic is not enough and when you use ├╝bercaster like we did here running levelator is helpful but a pain because you fist have to export the cast as .wav or .aiff, then levelated it, import it back into ├╝bercaster, add the music and then export it. If you levelated it first your music will clip and everything is just wrong. And you lose all your meta data when you run levelator.
Problem number two, being cheap with the webspace. Well, I was simply running out of webspace and so I could not upload the file. Remember audio files are not as tiny as you think.
Anyway I hope it is listenable.
Have fun

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