And here episode number 10, or what is left of it . Six minutes WTF. This is a shame because I think it was one of our better episodes.
Anyway, let me explain what the problem was.
├ťbercaster like any other mac application get its audio data through the core audio API and the problem with this is that if the input buffer for the signal is to big you get some significant latency. That is the time it takes from for the sound getting in the mic to getting out of your headphones. And if this is to long, you start to way for yourself to finish the words you are saying and you slow down. It is worse than it sounds (no pun intended).
But the buffer was set to a certain length for a reason. The recording broke up every 3 min and ├╝bercaster kill every snippet after the 1st. Well that is life.
Lesson learned: Get a back up recorder!

Spoiler: I bought one for NDR01X15 and I love it.

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