01×11 – Imprisonment

So this was the first episode we recorded with two mics. That sounds just so much better. You will hear. And this was also the first time that we used Hindenburg mobile a brilliant iphone recording Application for the iPhone with a more then flawed data transfer concept. Which is the reason that it took me so long to get this episode out.
Normally you would switch on the mac/windows companion App and you can transfer the file via wifi or retrieve it from the iPhone archive. And I am certain this is not a problem when you have a 10 min snippet but with a 2h show this is impossible. Either the app on the mac loses its connection(wifi) or the app just can’t retrieve the big file from the archive. Well what now. You write a complained and hope for the best. Three updates later they still haven’t had the motivation to implement the itunes-file-transfer-API provided by Apple since iOS 4.
Well so your only option is to get yourself a mini-jack analog audio cable an record it manually. All your chaper marks? Gone! And that for twenty quid.
Thank you Nsaka

And here is what we talked about
We started with a finnish microbrew Amber ale, that I am not able to pronounce.
The we talked about the “who brews the strongest beer?” and racism.
The BP disaster, the us president and the internet.
More beer.
Management by Sauron.
The chicken and the pig.
3D porn is impregnating, rednecks at least.
And german merry their pets.
The downfall meme remade.
Comic book movies.
Dr. Who

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2 Responses to 01×11 – Imprisonment

  1. We are very sorry that you have experienced problems with the file transfer in Hindenburg Mobile. If you get in touch with us, we will be happy to see if we can solve the problem.
    One solution might be to retrieve your Hindenburg Mobile session from “Import from mobile” in the desktop version – Hindenburg Journalist. The session is retrieved from iTunes backup, and therefor you wont have problems with WIFI timeout.
    Hope this helps – otherwise please write.

  2. admin says:

    That is what I tried but It would not finish the import and told me that the file was corrupt but it was fine in HB mobile itself. I will write you a more detailed description per mail. And I hope that we can find a solution because I think that HB mobile has on of the best interfaces on the iPhone. But it happens to struggle when it comes to the gigantic file that we produce in a 3 hour session.

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