Erotik Beer

Erotik BeerSo, I finally was able to edit the second episode of Nerddorf Radio.

This time we are talking about :

Beer of the week – Erotik Beer
Overhall of Campaign Finance Laws
Bible verses on US military scopes
Ridiculous Price of Mobile Phone Packages in US
Anti-Counterfitting Trade Agreement
Beer Wars on DVD
Additions to the legal protection for chlidren and young persons in the media Jugendmedienschutz-Staatsvertrag JMStV
AK Zensur – Workshop Censorship
[wikipop]Robert Burns Night[/wikipop]
Iron Man 2 - May 7
Gremlins remake
Avatar is top grossing film of all time beating James Cameron’s Titanic (number two was batman begins)
The Expendables
Mass Effect 2
A life well wasted:
Gaming Podcast by Robert Ashley about Games And people who love them
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