The long Tail

Another week another Nerddorf podcast. This week finds us, your favourite podcasters, in exceptionally good moods and fine form. ¬†We’re still delivering what Jens defines as above average quality material and still looking for fan comments. So if you’re out there and enjoy our expat ramblings, leave us a comment.
(Yes, we broke the C-word barrier – no, we don’t care.)
Home Coming
“Human Rights Day” in SA, commemorating the Sharpville (and other) shootings in 1960.
One I came across a few weeks ago but forgot to mention: a different tourist experience in Soweto, using a decommissioned power station as an extreme-sports playground:
Predators – Not directed by Rodriguez as i said last week, only produced by him. Stars Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Laurence Fishburne and Danny Trejo.
German 13th St – Interactive horror film
The hero of my childhood on the the big screen , Christian Alvart
The big pink dick (David Livingston)
Nissan to build the Leaf electric car in the UK – but will this country provide the recharging infrastructure..?
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  1. Josh Thorsen says:

    I listen to you guys for about an hour on my cellphone while I cleaned the house. I enjoyed about 60% of it I think the other 40% was Blair talking! I will keep listening and thank you for Axe Cop I loved it.

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