Beer, Sauna and Nudity

Beer, Sauna and NudityIn this episode you will experience what a scottish ale with 41% does to the perfectly capable cast of a perfectly good podcast. I becomes a mess, but it could be the most entertaining one we made yet. We are talking about
- Rob
- HW beer fest
- Wikileaks
- Finnish mail
- Robots
- World Peace
- Karl plan for world peace (zerglings)
- Spoilers for Starcraft and Watchmen
- Sink the Bismarck
- Movie Remakes
- Karate Kid
- Back to the future
- He-Man
- GI Joe
- Transformers 3
- 80s Toys
- C.O.P.S
- Action Force
- Toy Catalogs
- GI Joe Toys
- Masters of the Universe
- Hippy toys
- Mummins
- Kids programs
- Nudity
- Tutti Frutti
- Private Television in the 90s
- Skinemax
- Boobs on Artè
- Porn cinema
- Nudity and subtitles
- Greece
- Breton beds
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