The Team

Hello fellow listeners!
You want to know who we are, so let me give you a hand with that. The Nerddorf Radio Crew is a composed of a bunch of friends who all meet in the wonderful city of Edinburgh, and we all love podcasts. So after couple of nice bottles of imported beer we asked ourselves: “How hard can it be?” And let me tell you, that brew must have been exceptional because man is it hard to do it properly!
Anyway, we are four regulars at the moment:

The American theologian who has recently encountered this sinful cuckoo’s nest that we call Europe. He is the one who exchanged the phone application on his iPhone for the IMDB app.


The Finnish historian with a licence to extreme sauna visiting and a strong affinity for excellent Salmiakki. Iida keeps us from totally embarassing ourselves because if it wasn’t for her, no woman would ever listen to us.

The German engineer, who spends most of his spare time hosting, editing and maintaining this podcast. And he has the often obnoxious property of having an opinion on absolutely everything, especially when it comes to society and technology.

The South African airplane nut is the one who maintains the standards of the show. He is the news nerd of the four of us, and speaking five languages helps a bit there, I guess.
Finally we have a couple more of our friends who hop on the show whenever they feel like it.

3 Responses to The Team

  1. Dave says:

    for a small fee, I’m sure I could find a bad photo of Blair to put up ;-)

  2. admin says:

    What do you mean fee? I will pay in entertainment.

  3. Blair says:

    You guys must be thinking of someone else. There are not bad photo’s of me in existence!

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