Postnuclear Penguin


Postnuclear Penguin

This is a moment we are all going to remember, a moment of change, a moment of progress.

The time of the nerds has come.

Three men on the verge of the future, brought together by fate. Chosen to be your guides to life, the universe and everything,  Jens, Blair and Karl left their families and friends to explore the island called Great Britain. Some say here be dragons, but the three just shout back:

“We have tactical nuclear penguins!”

Have fun

The Guardian Daily podcast with former Metropolitan Police commander David Gilbertson:

…”anti-terror laws have led some police to see their work as “the front line in the war on terror”, an extreme example of the public’s rights being shunted aside.”…

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Power Plant

I know everything is a bit slow at the moment. But I am working on It I was recording some audio footage on the [wikipop]Edinburgh festival[/wikipop] so far, but I still need to edit. In the meantime here is some footage from the amazing Power Plant light and sound installation at the [wikipop search="Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh"]Royal Botanic Garden[/wikipop]s here in Edinburgh.



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What is happening

We are trying to work out the format at the moment. As well as testing the new equipment I got myself. And the biggest thing is we are still not sure about the language we are going to produce it in. My cohost would prefer his mother tongue, but I think it would add to the value of the Podcast to do it in english. Well we will see.


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This is Nerddorf Radio

Live from Edinburgh. This is the supporting Blog of

Stay tuned.

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